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¿why INDISRUPtible?


We live in an era where we listen to more music than ever before. Music has become increasingly accessible to its consumers due to new innovations such as the introduction of digital downloads and online streaming platforms, so why is it as music creators, we seem to make less money with it?

Even  though we live in a world where more and more opportunities are being presented to bands, artists and producers, many music creators )including ones who have won awards for their talent, or have recorded on successful albums) find themselves lost in a myriad of contacts, digital platforms, business models, new processes, new rates and new rules. 
We seem to be passing through a time where technological advancement is so disruptive that we are losing motivation to create new music and instead, conform to popular trends such as performing in tribute acts, recording covers and avoiding creating our own material. We have learnt that playing covers songs at weddings to the same audience, however this isn't entirely true, there is still hope, all we need to do is make ourselves "Indisruptible" 

“INDISRUPTIBLE": Surviving the Changes in the Music Industry” is an intensive course in Music Business, brought to you by the founders of the ever growing musical rhythm workshop Rhythm Intensive together with Spanish based production and record label Viel Music Iberia.

Indisruptible is fronted by the legendary bassist Chuck Rainey, whose credits include Ray Cahrles, Aretha Franklin, Quincy Jones, Steely Dan and Michel Jackson to name a few. Veteran drummer John Anthony Martinez; currently working with some legends of the industry such as Thomas Dolby, TC Sheppard and Kacey Musgrave, British business man and founder of Sunfly Music Group John West alongside CEO of Viel Music, Cristian Larrosa who both share and abundance of experience in the music industry, having held executive positions is Europe and Latin America.





The course is split into 4 full day sessions

All sessions will include coffee breaks and a networking session between 18.00-20.00
 What better way to get to know your fellow classmates?




10am: Introduction: Why have you attended "Indisruptible"

10.30hs - 12hs: How music has become a business: from Wax Cylinders to SmartPhones.

12hs - 12.30hs: Coffee Break

12.30hs - 13.30hs: Who they were and who they are today: Creators of music and lyrics, Performers, Producers of Phonograms.

13.30hs - 15hs: Earn money for my music: Operation of collecting societies.

15hs - 16hs: Lunch Break

16hs - 18hs: Business Models: The digital download. What is, and how do iTunes, Amazon and others work.

18hs - 20hs: Networking & Drinks.


10am -12hs: Who they were and who they are now: Record companies and music publishers.

12hs - 12.30hs: Coffee Break

12.30hs - 15hs: Losing fear: The recording contract and publishing contracts.

15hs - 16hs: Lunch Break

16hs - 18hs: Business Models: Music Streaming. What is it and how do Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, Tidal and others work.

18hs - 20hs: Networking & Drinks.


session 3:

10am - 11am: How Music is still a business (after everything). Death of the iPod: the consolidation of streaming and the resurrection of vinyl.

11am - 12am: I want them to hear me: Using Google tools to gain visibility and position.

12hs - 12.30hs: Coffee Break

12.30hs - 13.30hs: Who were they and who they are today: Booking agents and managers.

13.30hs - 15hs: Earn money for my music: Sound Exchange and SoundReef.

15hs - 16hs: Lunch Break

16hs - 18hs: Business Models: Monetizing videos. What is it and how they work; Vevo and YouTube.

18hs - 20hs: Networking & Drinks.

Session 4:

10am - 12hs: I want you to hear me: MySpace no, Instagram yes: The use of social networks as a weapon of diffusion.

12hs - 12.30hs: Coffee Break

12.30hs - 14hs: Losing fear: The dreaded 360. When is the contract is good and when isn’t it? (Distribution, performance, representation)

14hs - 15hs: Earn money for my music: Music licenses (master and synchronization)

15hs - 16hs: Lunch Break

16hs - 18hs: Business Models: Taylor Swift won't be heard in Breaking Bad or Assassins Creed: The World of Music Licensing.

18hs - 20hs: Networking & Drinks


Coffee Break, Lunch Break and Networking Sessions included. Places are limited.
Certificate is granted ONLY when all 4 days have been completed.


Cristian Larrosa

Music producer, composer, vocalist born in Buenos Aires and currently living in Madrid.

In addition to my artistic career, I have also held executive positions in the international music industry for many years. I started my first music production company in 2005 and have never looked back since, moving on to work in many positions across Europe and South America.

In 2013 I settled in London after being appointed CEO of Sunfly Spain and Latam, the Spanish branch of the legendary British Karaoke brand- Sunfly Karaoke. After helping with international development of Sunfly Spain & Latam we decided to rebrand the subsidiary label which is now known as Viel Music Iberia , operating in Madrid, Spain.

Besides continuing my career as a music industry professional, I am also represented by and a featured artist for Viel Music. My recent studio album “El Inconsiente De Mi Alma” proudly reached number 11 in the Spanish Itunes charts on the day of it’s release and a live version of was then later released via Viel Music, consisting of various live recordings from my world tour in 2015.



Chuck Rainey

My professional career as a musician has been through and overcame the trials and tribulations attributed to playing an instrument that has finally come into its own and has become a normal and accepted voice in the evolution of today’s music scene.

Since 1959, the sound and power of the electric bass and those who play it has been the support voice and backbone in the success of today’s commercial music.

The bass player in recorded and live music is like the supporting actor of a successful film that gives and projects the glamour and fame in spotlighting the lead actor to the public, or in another scenario, the pitch calling of the catcher on a baseball team that wins the game, but the pitcher is given the credit.

I am always amazed when I see and hear artists who are receiving an award for a recording performance or interviewed for their success, thank everyone but the musicians for their success – especially the bass player and the music arranger.

The bass line/part is the one element in music that causes the listener to feel and hear the lyric, dance and above all enables the lead instrument to function.

To read more about Chuck’s bio visit



…in the Bronx of New York City. I grew up in a Puerto Rican household surrounded by cousins and some aunts and uncles who were close to my age. My grandfather was a pastor of a storefront Pentecostal church where my mother played the drums. My earliest memories were those of music.

I attended the high school that was made famous by the movie Fame where I was the first chair trumpet player in the school orchestra and jazz ensemble. As first chair I had the opportunity to perform at Carnegie Hall with the New York All-City Orchestra on several occasions. My classmates and I performed at Alice Tully Hall in Lincoln Center, and a group of my closest friends and I formed our own band and performed at CBGBs. I had been awarded a music scholarship as a trumpet player, but that quickly dissolved when, out of the blue, I developed Bell’s Palsy and could no longer play my instrument. My career path suddenly shifted.

The summer I graduated high school I headed straight to college at Colgate University. It was an experience I will never forget. Being Puerto Rican with a distinct Bronx accent on a campus full of privileged, high society students, I felt sorely out of place. It didn’t take long for me to realize that I was not destined to become a lawyer. What I wanted to do most of all was play the drums. After a year at Colgate, I walked away from my full-ride scholarship and moved to Boston to attend Berklee College of Music. I have been drumming and producing music ever since.

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